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The most honest client review.

When I started this journey I was an emotional mess. I cried about almost everything because I just felt completely out of touch with myself. I was that person who was always there for others and took care of them. Somewhere down that road of care and love for others, I lost care and love for my inner self and it started to reflect on my outer self as well. If you know me well, I will hear you say how extremeley extravert and highly sociable you experience me to be. T. is strong and bold and gets it all done. Well in truth I felt down, weak, wanting to run away from people and just feel like crawling into a hole. This went on for a year, maybe even more. I have no clue when this started, but it has been weighing me down enormously. My community started noticing that I was not well and started taking care of me without even noticing that they were. A friend offered me an introduction to this course as a birthday gift.

Now let me be dead honest, I was very reluctant to go. I am not one to talk to anyone or tell them how I really feel. I am the person you come too. Covering up was my thing, but obviously I was sucking at it.

Soooo...one day in September I met Moreira, the self love journey coach. My first impression was, this girl is way too young to teach me anything and in that same taught I bit my tongue, why judge on appearance and why judge at all. This aint me. I am here, let's give this a try.

Our first encounter was actually very uplifting. She explained her journey her struggles and how she how she turned all that negativity into a possitive healing journey for herself and now also for others. I immediately connected to her and the idea of taking this journey. I felt Moreira was just brave, brilliant, passionate, full of energy and love. Aspects of myself that I have been missing for a long time and decided to JUST DO THIS. I took upon my self to jouney myself back  into a loving state of mind.

I have completed the first half of the self love journey course and I have learned a lot of myself. What has caused me to be in that particular ugly mindset and how to forgive and heal. Also how  to forgive others as well. I learned that I was in pain for years and have been hiding it. I learned I said yes to too much and needed to say NO to protect my soul and energy levels. I learned that I am no ones care taker than only myself. I learned to say I am not ok and I need help. And that last one is by biggest achievement in this journey. I started to care about myself again. I see myself in the mirror and I can smile again and Love Me. I am passionate of my endeavours as an entrepreneur again. It has helped me a lot of getting back on track of my projects. I am feeling alive and energetic. The need to be in a hole, it is very small. Not completely vanished.  I am not completely there yet. There is still a long way to go and I am looking forward to part 2 of my Self Love Journey.

Moreira, words cannot express how thankful I am.♥️🙏🏿

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